Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is Sleepy Hollow really worth watching?

The answer is hell yeah!  The show is getting better and better and there seems to be many people who seem to agree.  I created this blog to provide links and stories about this show.  Please check back on a regular basis to see what's new.

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Sleepy Hollow their secret sauce for why the show is blowing up! - Secret Sauce?

Philip Iscove went from video store clerk to creating Sleepy Hollow - Dreams do come true!

Crazy is as crazy does - Why Sleepy Hollow makes it all work and is fun to watch too!

Guess who is more suprised than anyone that the show is a HIT!!! - The Executive Producer!

Sanctuary Episode review - Ichabod was a daddy?!

Orlando Jones is killing it on Social Media - Follow him on Twitter and Tumblr because he actually reads them

Tom Mison interview - Our favorite leading man Ichabod Crane giving a nice long inteview

Forbes Magazine breaks it down - Sleepy Hollow is the #1 show on Fox and here's why

Fox TV is more liberal than their news - Fox is making a Real effort to bring diversity into ALL of their tv shows

See how Sleepy Hollow has quietly become a new hit show - a nice article from the LA Times explaining how they have refreshed this two hundred year old story.

Real Sleepy Hollow town is gaining popularity and tourist because of the show - A whole new crop of people are gaining interest in seeing the "real" Sleepy Hollow a town in Westchester, NY.

Colonial Humor that is too good - One tv critics view that this Sleepy Hollow is one funny show that keeps you laughing in a good way.

Check out this trailer if you haven't seen the show yet!

Sleepy Hollow Wake up Call - Did you know that Sleepy Hollow is Fox's highest rated show?  Really?  After only how many episodes, 4 or 5?  That's a lot of question marks.  It is pretty amazing that it has been averaging over 12 million viewers per.

TV Guide's episode Breakdown - Didn't even know TV Guide is still around but it does a nice breakdown of each episode.  There is a video clip for each episode as well.

Necromancer episode review from - The Headless Horseman was captured and...

Can Sleepy Hollow do the same in the Uk? Our friends in the UK debating about the chances of it doing well across the pond.